Gain Clarity Like Never Before

& Unlock The Secrets To Getting a "Yes" for Your High Ticket Offer

This is NOT your ordinary business coaching program.

Your time is valuable.

I've spent the last 3 years curating the best possible program to transform your mind and business.

If you agree that you need these things, this program is for you:

  1. Belief in yourself, not just saying you believe in yourself, but KNOWING after you've done the deep work, that you're worth the prices that good people are investing their hard earned money into a new future with you.

  1. Clarity and messaging that attracts your ideal clients and they finally say: "Yessss, this is what I've been looking for, let's go, I'll pay your prices because your services are worth it!"

  1. Confidence in on sales calls that you'll say and communicate the right things for the right people, and even more important: confidence that you can ACTUALLY help people, I'll teach you how.

This coaching accelerator was designed for YOU, so that you can achieve your biggest goals!

See the results below, how my clients are charging $3k, $7k and $15k, and actually receiving those prices and changing the world one person at a time while filling their cup and enjoying freedom instead of being stressed out entrepreneurs!

Liz went from $500 a month as a coach to $6,000 her 2nd month

This was in 2018 when she worked with me, now she's crushing it even more!

The Transformational Offer:

 If you had your dream website and sales copy that made your dream clients say

"wow I've been looking for you for a long time"

Would you be more confident charging $5k or more?


The point isn't having a website just to have a website, or that a website will magically bring you sales, because it won't.

The process of working with myself and Ali to craft your message makes all the difference. You can then share that copy in social posts, in emails, and even when telling your friend whose super connected and has at least 1 referral for you. The journey of crafting your messaging for your website/funnel is the real real.

The tangibles help convince your mind that you're ready, worthy and deserving of high ticket clients! Your website, back end course, systems, and most importantly getting clients results is key for true confidence and belief in yourself and program!

^Note: this program is a great balance of masculine and feminine energies.

I do believe we are spiritual beings, which is 1 part of attraction marketing (which I'll teach you as well) 💫

But don’t get it twisted - Business success and woo do not always go hand in hand, I once hired one of the top spiritual money mindset coaches out there. . . in fact my friend paid her $20k and still didn't get a tangible result!

If you’re looking for something more guaranteed, I have the answer for you.

My Mission is that YOU Hit Your Financial Goals as as Fast as Possible. Because I know what it's like to invest your last dollar into a coach. YOU deserve results!

I've tried everything, every mindset course, every success tactic, I'm 30, so yes I've tried and experienced a lot as an entrepreneur over the years! But when it comes to your mindset, we've really cracked the code now and I'm so excited to help you actually achieve your goals!

For the past 3 years, my business has been built entirely on referrals and retention, so I know the power of making my clients happy and successful.

There will be a few challenging days, when you're up-leveling, but that's what makes the reward so incredible, without overcoming the struggle, you'll never know why the reward feels so good!

So why should you work with me?

✅ I created a 6 figure social media marketing agency, with only $100 a week overhead (yep, just a VA)...and I only worked 2 hours a day.

✅ I landed a Billion Dollar company and kept them for a year and 6 months...and I could have worked with them longer, but I've known for over 3 years that I needed to help you get out of pain and build your own financial freedom.

✅ I worked with a 100 million dollar company, but more importantly I've helped a lot of amazing brands improve their customer's health and wellness!

✅ My businesses were built entirely through referrals and a little bit of the right networking. No ads, and I didn't even have to post on social media talking about this business, which was great when I was enjoying my introversion and just sharing my passions on social media. Btw posting every day on social is not required, there are so many ways that you can authentically build your dream business, most importantly: the more excited you are to build your business, the better results you'll get and the happier you'll be! If you're feeling unmotivated in your business, there IS a better way, a unique to you, better way. I'm here to help you get clear on that!


...On IG as well, but trust me, the ones who won't ask you to lower your prices are hanging out in abundance in other places!

I'll uncover your specific fears and then show you how to transform them so that you can earn $10k-20k+ every month!

That's a bold claim, but I stand by it!

It's my MISSION that you become financially successful.

Now 20k months may not be necessary for you, or maybe you need to make a lot more money every month. Whatever you want to make, I'll help you get aligned, truly aligned, where everything just makes total sense that you're bringing in x amount every month.


This is my superpower!

Helping you gain clarity! Clarity comes from:

1. Your unique human design.

2. Amazing questions (I'm obsessed with strategic questions)


3. Action. The more action you take the clearer you'll get. Take action, refine, take action, refine...repeat until clear.

I've been around the block: from consulting, manufacturing a product, to starting my own marketing agency. I've helped big companies sell more product and get discovered by ideal customers, and helped coaches create profitable memberships and courses.

My variety of experience helps you SAVE TIME and FEEL EMPOWERED by your decisions, as well as skipping past all the potential mistakes! The variety of businesses I've started and helped people build helps me guide you in choosing the best unique business for you.

I'll guide you in the process of deciding if you want to be a coach, agency owner, if you want to manufacture and sell a product, or sell a membership, course, or get paid to create content!

If you want to sell more products or get more clients. . .this coaching program will help you!

Human Design is key for helping you discover what you're meant to do.

This combo will unlock your clarity and success!

Meet Ali Stiegler, she's a sales copy expert and quite the amazing marketer! She'll work with you and I to help you create your best offer, clear messaging and high converting sales copy for your unique business! I brought her in to ensure your success!

Working With a Business Coach Should be both Transformational and one of The Best Experience's of Your Life.

This is about actually transforming your entire life, because your business is like a physical representation of your thoughts.

I hired my first business coach in 2016, I was extremely excited 🤩 and thought for sure I would make tons of money, and also be cared for...or at least checked in on.

Although the 2nd business coach I hired was even worse than the 1st...the 1st one in theory seemed alright, but he passed me off to his co-coaches...they were great coaches, but I didn't have 1 person there that I could trust, and that actually cared enough to keep me accountable in the beginning.

I really believe I ended up with two nightmare business coaches so that I would know what NOT TO DO, because that's just as important as WHAT TO DO.

The Last Piece to the Puzzle: The Great Examples of What to DO & Marketing Secrets.

When I met my bf, he introduced me to some of the best underground marketers in the world, the ones that aren't well known, that truly run what things we buy.

It's crazy what some business coaches are teaching...there's a reason why you can bounce around investing thousands like I did, and not get a result. There's a better way! But, you don't now what you don't know. I sure didn't know what I was missing until I discovered these secrets.

Biggest secret: If you don't have a CLEAR offer, that your client actually wants, good luck.

This is so huge.... many biz coaches talk about this but they haven't truly cracked the code to actually craft an offer that your dream clients desire so much so that they'll pay you a few thousand.

What is a funnel and why do YOU need one?

Maybe you have a website that works like a funnel... but ask the best marketers in the world...they'll tell you, don't expect the pretty website to convert, get a funnel.

A funnel is designed to turn your dream clients into paying customers. You're looking at a funnel right now. This funnel was designed to introduce you to this offer and get you to book a call so that I can help you achieve your business goals! That's it, just the next step, then I'll help you see on our discovery call what you're missing, and it's totally up to you if you want to work with me.

A funnel has a clear offer, covers your ideal customer's objections and explains why your solutions will help them achieve their goals.

We can make a beautiful website as well, that serves a few purposes, but a high converting funnel is a must.

Creating a successful funnel can be hard on your own. Even with the help of my bf, my first funnel was a fail, but that's because my messaging wasn't clear and it was shared with the completely wrong audience!

The people that say a funnel isn't necessary, are CORRECT if your funnel doesn't have great sales copy and a clear offer that your dream clients actually want.

It can cost you thousands of dollars of missed clients by not having these things down!

Great news! We're here to help you get crystal clear on your offer, and build your funnel the right way, saving you time, money, stress, and making you thousands.

This is an investment, not a cost. By not having a clear, client attracting funnel, that's what's costing you thousands! Ali and I are here to help you make thousands, not lose thousands.

I’m going to build YOUR dream client attracting funnel with you! 

Again, you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out anything on your own.

If you’re interested, here’s what I’ve got for you. . . 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting:👇🏼

To Help You Transform Your Beliefs to Reach $10-20k Months!

✅ Your Dream Website or Funnel

(done for you)

1:1 coaching calls with Skye (this is the most valuable) that will ultimately SAVE you money and time. Skip those painful entrepreneurial startup struggles and mental blocks by actually getting deep into why you do what you do and installing powerful beliefs into your mindset that actually get you above $10k-20k months.

✅2:1 calls with Ali the sales copy and marketing expert!

✅ Sales copy secrets

✅ Words that work

The secret to selling high ticket ($5k deals and beyond) for your products/services.

✅ How to actually transform your clients (this is what real confidence in yourself and program feels like)

✅ Your dream funnel and or website (we'll talk)

(no hosting costs, no expensive click funnel fees) and we'll empower you and show you how easy it is to edit your funnel! We're all about teaching you how to fish, not just handing you a bucket of fish one time!

How to attract your dream clients in abundance! Attraction marketing like no other coach teaches!

✅ ​My proven high-ticket sales process that's authentic and leads to $10k-20k+ months! My clients rave about my sales tips and sales philosophy.

✅ Clarity & a business that feels great for you! A business that feels right to self promote because you know that your business is why you're on this earth to help people!

✅ Energy secrets I learned at Burning Man...that will attract clients like crazy.

Why some coaches aren't thriving and what not to do.

✅ And no, you don't have to send cold DMs unless you want to.

✅ ​How to get on top podcasts that will bring you raving new clients!

& the ONE thing that will double (if not TRIPLE!) your business.

✅ True alignment and belief in yourself (I like to call myself a belief dealer, handing out massive belief in yourself like candy)

Hear it From Lauren

Apply now, apply for a call at the very minimum (just because you book a call does not mean you need to enroll... I'm here for you, let's talk). I may not be able to offer all of the above much longer, so apply quickly!

I offer payment plans, so do not sleep on this offer!

Worried you're not ready? STOP. That's what the mindset transformation is for... I've got you! 🔑

Jump! Every Entrepreneur once had to jump before they felt ready!

I've made this so easy... I've built the net that will catch you, but you'll actually find that you have wings, because you WILL achieve your goals faster than you ever believed possible!

Over the last 3 years I've taken so many factors into account, including:

  1. Modular Coaching Styles to help you transform, because if you've been with a coach that doesn't help you, you're unique and need coaching that supports your unique background and mindset.
  2. Offers that actually convert (once you learn this skill, you can apply it to any niche)
  3. Debilitating fear...we all get it, it's time to overcome that, because people need you, I understand that it's literally crippling, but it doesn't have to be, I create a safe place so that you can overcome that and live in complete happiness and abundance!

You deserve it! ⚡️

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! With my guarantee, this amazing offer and all the amazing bonuses, you have EVERYTHING to gain!

What's it costing you to stay where you are?

BONUS 2: Your unique high converting funnel and sales copy

BONUS: Energetic secrets (must be used wisely)

Do it for your growth, commit to your success, calculated risks are key in life.

And there’s no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book. 🎁

Look …

 The book is great and you'll get everything you need from it.

But I'm the kinda gal that likes to go big or go home and if you’re still reading this…

I know you’re the type to make it happen.

              That's why I’m giving you this bonus class. It's my little way to ensure that you start implementing

 everything you will learn in Influencer Secrets ... right away.

So yes ...

Buy Now!
Buy Now!
“My blog traffic increased by 25%. I now know how to write cool articles!! The layout, the title format, etc… I feel super confident and have a much clearer direction and support from when I first started”
“My blog traffic increased by 25%. I now know how to write cool articles!! The layout, the title format, etc… I feel super confident and have a much clearer direction and support from when I first started”

If you buy now... Save 86%

If you buy now... Save 86%

$39.99 $5.60

$39.99 $5.60

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